Interview with Edouard Roger-Vasselin

Q: We know that your dad made the semis at Roland Garros in 1983. Please share your tennis journey with our audience. How did it start for you?  Who were your tennis heroes growing up?

I started tennis when I was 3 and obviously my dad was the 1st one to give me racquet in my hands !  My favourite players were Edberg and Rafter 

Q: You had a good period in 2013-2104 in singles, when you reached the Chennai and Delray finals. This period also saw you reach your highest singles ranking? What worked more in this phase as your game clicked?

I developed a lot my movement on court and I focus more my practice on fitness and I think that was the key of my success 

Q: You have won 13 tour titles and the ultimate for any French player – you won the doubles at Roland Garros in 2014. How was that experience and the success in doubles been?

I always had fun playing doubles but priority was singles.  I think my game fit well with doubles so with good partners you have chance to win titles!  Winning RG is definitely my best achievement so far.

Q: Wimbledon is seen as the pinnacle of the sport for most fans and you played in the finals there in 2016. How does that experience compare with the RG win? Is RG the most coveted tennis tournament for you or is it Wimbledon?

As a French I always dreamed winning RG !! Wimbledon arrives 2nd

Q: How is the rigors of the doubles tour different that the singles tour? For example singles always gets main courts and starts early too.

We get used to it. And singles players have always more attention than doubles players and that is normal. 

Q: You have had great success with Julien Benneteau over the last two seasons. Are you continuing that partnership for 2017? 

I’m not going to play much in singles because of hip problem so I wanted a full double partner so I’ll play with Nestor all year.

Q: You are one of the four best options for France in doubles. How big of a goal is yours to be in the Davis cup squad?

Davis Cup is a big goal but I have to play very very good to be in the team so I need to focus 1st on my tournament 

Q: We see a lot of different pairs on the atp doubles tour. How does picking a partner come along? What skill set you look in a good doubles partner?

We all know each other so just need to find the good matching and there is no rules for that!

Q: French tennis is in a good shape with lot of top players and some good upcoming talents like Hayls and Bourgue. Who can be the next slam winners from France?

Pouille maybe 


  1. Congratulations on your first player interview it is really so interesting finding out more about other players mainstream tennis media all but ignore!
    Hope he spreads the word tennis lovers are interested in more than just the top 4 or 5 players and your blog is a great way for them to develop a presence and following.
    Finding out RG is the most important for him and I suspect many other French players was cool .Pouille has a lot of pressure, smart guy to base himself in Dubai and get access to Fed !
    Looking forward to some more player insights. Good luck!


  2. This is awsum stuff…and congratulations on ur first player interview..i hope u post an interview with RF (fed) very very soon


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