Scenes From The Miami Open

By Skip Schwarzman, Tennis With An Accent

This is Norrie vs. Ruud, but shows how the big screen outside the stadium is located vis a vis the Grandstand Court. Advertisements were shown on this screen with loud audio, and that’s what Nick Kyrgios complained about during his match against Jannik Sinner. It was a legitimate gripe. The tournament’s decision to create that situation was a brain cramp.

Norrie-Ruud. First match of the day (about 11:45 a.m., maybe a bit later). Empty-ish stands (this faces north), and as is becoming more common, no lines judges. Each line has a different computer-generated voice calling “out!” or “fault!”

At the U.S. Open and many other tournaments (e.g., Wimbledon), players walk through the crowds to get to court. Not in Miami: closed-off temporary walkways.

Modern dietary accommodations are being found everywhere.

Not sure how this would work out for a whole family trying to sit next to each other, or if this fellow was in the row right ahead of me, but at least he’s protected.

The view to the west from the south end of the Grandstand, looking at the outside courts (used for earlier rounds):

Took a photo of the consultant who offered her services on maturity counseling to Nick after his match vs. Sinner

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