This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Tennis with an Accent is a podcast on tennis. Where the accent is purely an opinion of a fan or fans in this case; Anand and Saqib! We are tennis obsessed and have our day jobs to keep! But we try not to miss a tennis beat whether its the coveted majors or the 250’s or even the qualifying events. We rarely agree on much and  plan to bring our disagreements from emails and phone calls to a larger platform.

Over the years Safin and Roddick have divided our loyalties, while Federer has kept us united.  Our tennis journey has some common elements as we started following the game in the mid 80’s with the rise of Boris Becker and now we pin our respective hopes on another German wunderkid to take the tennis scene over the next few years! We hope you enjoy this exchange of accented opinions!