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The ITF Transition Tour In Focus

Saqib Ali



Aaron Doster - USA TODAY Sports

The lower levels of professional tennis have become a very cluttered and confusing place these days. It is helpful to talk to people who can make sense of it and explain what is going on. We at Tennis With An Accent aren’t going to solve all the problems connected to the ITF Transition Tour or other tours at the challenger or junior levels in one fell swoop. This is a multi-part conversation we are going to continuously revisit throughout the 2019 tennis year.

The conversation doesn’t have to end, but it does have to begin, and as Matt Zemek might tell me, “You have to start somewhere.”

As the host of the Tennis With An Accent Podcast, I decided to start this conversation about the ITF Transition Tour and the other lower tiers of professional tennis with Paul Timmons, who has a blog called “My Tennis Adventures.”

Paul has a primer on the ITF Transition Tour, which you can read here.

We take what people say on social media and blogs — or on television and other media outlets — and carry them forward into more detailed, in-depth conversations on our podcast at Tennis With An Accent, which is produced by Radio Influence.

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Listen to my conversation with Paul Timmons on the new TWAA Podcast.

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