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The tournament is the star at the Estoril Open in Portugal

Tennis Accent Staff



Aaron Doster - USA TODAY Sports

Indian Wells is ending on this St. Patrick’s Day, but while the American hardcourt festival is in full swing, the European clay-court tournaments are just around the corner.

Stuttgart, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome are the primary tournaments in the buildup toward Roland Garros, but not to be forgotten in this group of clay tournaments is the Estoril Open in picturesque Portugal, one of the more beautiful stops on tour.

Saqib Ali talked to Miguel Seabra, the media director and emcee for the tournament, to discuss the philosophy behind attracting certain kinds of players to a smaller ATP Tour event. You’ll get a lot of unique insights from Miguel, who played through pain and recorded this interview with Saqib while he was ill.

Miguel and Saqib discussed chair umpiring in tennis — Miguel used to work in that capacity — and several other topics. Listen to Miguel explain how brilliant a thinker Rafael Nadal is on a tennis court. Miguel also explains why consistency is good for players, and why having standardized formats across the four major tournaments provides a more recognizable product the tennis industry can trust.

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