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Writing about tennis for a magazine — it’s different from daily blogging

Saqib Ali



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Tennis journalism is a point of focus for many people on #TennisTwitter. How the sausage of journalism — or more broadly, online content — gets made is a topic of considerable interest. With this in mind, I wanted to get insights from one of the best tennis writers on the planet: Louisa Thomas of The New Yorker magazine.

Thomas worked for the now-defunct web outlet Grantland, going back to 2011. When that online publication ran its course, Thomas moved to The New Yorker, where she has continued to offer her unique insights on tennis, its biggest names, and its most important stories.

On the Tennis With An Accent Podcast, I talked to Louisa Thomas about a number of different subjects: Nick Kyrgios and the expectations we place upon tennis players; empowerment of female athletes and women in sports; and on-court coaching on the WTA Tour, to name a few.

The start of my conversation with Ms. Thomas focused on tennis journalism. What defines the practice of writing about tennis for a magazine, as opposed to a daily blog such as ours? What challenges, limits and opportunities emerge in that context, which is substantially different from the deadline pressure faced by a newspaper reporter, or the need to create constant content at a blog?

Listen to an expert in her field explain what she tries to achieve when she practices the craft of journalism for a magazine. That’s part of this episode of the Tennis With An Accent Podcast.

You can listen to the half-hour episode here.


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